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a. The Riddle of the Ostrich Chatter ( Quartet No. 2), Oil on Canvas,  48 x 60 inches   

b.  A Camouflaged Extinction ,  Oil on Canvas, 72 x 105 inches     

c.  Can We Go Back to the Basics? Where is the Water? Where are your Dreams? ( Quartet No. 10), Oil on Canvas, 48 x 60 inches

d. Film Still from Documentary on International Surrealism (featuring Gloria Orenstein, scholar on Women Surrealism)

e. Film Still from Prodigious Story of the Giraffe and The Kiss  (featuring Nicole Lesser as the Piratress of the Unknown Seas)       


Brigitte is an artist, poet and filmmaker presently working on an extensive documentary on International Surrealism alongside her pursuit of a PhD in Film Studies (Creative Practice).

                   Brigitte Nicole Grice

      b. 1987   lives and works in Los Angeles and England


University of Essex,  PhD in Film Studies (Creative Practice), Wivenhoe, England  2017 - 2020

Mountain School of the Arts,  Los Angeles, CA, 2016

California Institute of the Arts, Master of Arts in Aesthetics and Politics, 2014

Boston University, Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Minor in Art History, 2008